Sixth activity: Date night at the State Fair! What’s a birthday week without a visit here? Thank you for riding the Ferris Wheel and Magnum with for my first time. Also, thanks for sharing all the yummy fair food! 

#kweenbirthdayweek #19 🎉🎈
Fifth activity: PRESENTS!! The best part, right? Hope you like them! 

#kweenbirthday #19 🎉🎈
Fourth activity: Smother our faces into this S’mores Pizookie. Too delicious. 

#kweenbirthday #19 🎉🎈
Happy 19th Birthday to the Kween! You’re the same age as me now, hah. Anyway. I’m so glad that we’ve grown closer together over the past several months. You’ve brought nothing but a smile to my face in every moment we share. I’m very thankful for everything that you’ve done for me. I’m looking forward to what the future holds for us. Let’s continue on this Spirit of Adventure! 🎊🎈😘

#kweenisnineteen #wonderfulinwhite
Third activity: Stuff our faces with some cupcakes from Sift Cupcake + Dessert Bar. All For The Cookie, Snickerdoodle, Pink Champagne.

#kweenbirthdaycountdown 🎉🎈
Second activity: Lose Gunther’s Ice Cream virginity. You could never go wrong with a 50-50. 

#kweenbirthdaycountdown 🎉🎈
Happy Birthday week to the Kween herself! First activity: Be exposed to Urban Fries. 

#kweenbirthdaycountdown 🎉🎈
My lovely date for the night. #kedebut2014
Whole-shabangin’. #Unfinity
Beautiful babe. #KVJN