Competing with the fAM this weekend. Come out & support! @aftermathdancecompany #kingz
Feelin’ like gold. #pcnphotoshoot
ɥƃıɥ sʎɐʍlɐ
The fAM. #breakthrough
Happy Birthday to the weirdest girl on Earth, @livchew. These are pictures from the first time we took one to the last time. There’s like no change. LOL. Hope you have a crazy one! 🎉🎂
Happy Birthday to the homie since 6th grade @markyparagas. Hope you have a real good one! #seeyouthisweekend
Kicked off the morning on the field at AT&T Park! #SFGFest (at AT&T Park)
Workshop was hella fun today. @chrisbanaga & @leanlikeajolo’s collab was freakin’ dope. I also saw @paulrossssss too!
Cheers to a new semester. #roomies #tpumps (at Tpumps)